Here's how we create your videos

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Send and discuss your creative brief

Tell us about your product and company. Then, we’ll meet online to get to know your company, objectives, target audience, and display locations for the video.


Generate your script

Depending on plan selection, either you or our script writers create the script. Our goal in creating or making edit suggestions to the script is to deliver a relevant, compelling message to your target audience. To ensure this, we test the script against similar content that generated high engagement rates from your intended posting locations.


Create your storyboard

Next, we design color slides or snapshots of video clips which depict the main scenes that display in the video. This will give you a sense of the style, colors, composition and "feel" of the project.


Add animation, voice over and music

Depending your plan we'll add video clips with appropriate overlayed text if required, or animate your storyboard. Then we add a voice over and music of your choice to generate focus and energy.


That's it!

Download your video and you're good to go. Don't forget to track your results. If you have any questions about tracking, let us know. We're here to chat 24/7.